Merico Abatement Contractors, Inc.

Professional Abatement by Abatement Professionals

Merico Abatement Contractors, Inc.

is a professional, award winning industrial contractor with more than 25 years in the business.


Professional Abatement by Abatement Professionals

As the third licensed asbestos abatement contractor in the state of Texas, we are the oldest still in business. Because of our excellent work ethics, an outstanding safety program, and a responsibility to our customers, Merico is recognized and highly regarded by the industry as among the top contractors in the United States.

Since 1985 we have specialized in providing lead and asbestos abatement as well as turnkey scaffolding, insulation, and painting services. Unlike many of our competitors, Merico offers a broad range of services and, with the support of our Alliance companies, we are able to accommodate almost any need our customers might have. Our clients are primarily associated with the chemical, refining, power generation, gas processing, and paper manufacturing industries. However, Merico is also active in schools, universities, hospitals, public buildings, airports, nuclear plants, and government facilities. Merico is licensed in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Our company strives to provide professional project management at competitive pricing. The corporation is founded on our commitment to quality and excellence in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Merico is often called upon for expert witness testimony in asbestos lawsuits.

We seek excellence by incorporating risk management, state of the art equipment, quality service, highly trained personnel, and personal standards that exceed legal requirements. Our commitment to safety will continue to be our top priority and a constant factor in our service development, striving to maintain a leading role in the development of our industry. Merico provides up to five million dollars in liability protection for its customers.

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Digitized Records

Merico’s established procedures to archive data enable us to organize and access years of records. Full-time employees digitize, categorize and track terabytes of data. Our record keeping on every contracted service we perform is second to none.

Merico electronically stores all job-related documentation and air monitoring results in compliance with OSHA’s 30 year retention schedule. Every customer receives detailed documentation of the job completed including insurance certificate, medical certificate, training certifications, safety meetings, air monitoring and daily project log.

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